The Misfit Fishing Manifesto


/ ‘mis, fit/


                  A person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.

In a society that preaches aberration, yet begs conformity, misfits like us refuse to fit in.

Skinny jeans, strange haircuts, men with beards that wear flannel but can’t wield a chainsaw! These people consider themselves the “unconformists” of society, but  you know as well as we do that unconformity is really just masked conformity in today’s world.

People like us are the outlaws, rebels, misfits, whatever synonym you want to use. We have not lost touch with our ancient roots, and in a world that still thinks our tools are limited to night crawlers and bobbers with a cane pole down at the “crick", we are here to stand out and break the mold.

Misfit Fishing Co. was started by three friends with a dream.

A dream to take the bass fishing world by storm and make an impact that could forever change the perception of this sport.

Chasing these little green beasts is more than a sport, as we all know, it is a lifestyle. Every day the gears are turning in our minds;

  • How can we make this lure better?
  • How can we better match the hatch?
  • Why are the fish holding on this channel swing but not that one?
  • Do you think the fish are thinking about me too?

These are the type of questions swimming through our minds on a daily basis. Physically we may be at work, muddling through the day, but our hearts and our minds are on the water. On the one that got away. And most importantly, on the next one.

We all have regular full-time jobs but are committed to making an impact.

We started as all great companies do, in our garage. Rob began making lures when he was 14 with his dad, and now 10 years later, joined with the help of two friends, we have created to outsiders a business, but to us, it's a passion.

We take great pride in not only being known for our high quality, handcrafted lures, but also our unique takes on fishing apparel and gear.

So how do you promote a lifestyle disparate from the ordinary?

For us it is not about the lures, it isn’t about the blogs, it isn’t about how many likes we can get on Instagram; it’s about the relationships with fellow anglers like you.

We love talking with anglers across the country and picking their brain on what bass are doing all over this great nation. We have an incredible team of Pro and Field staffers with whom we constantly stay in contact, to learn about what fish are doing in fisheries across the country.

This is a way for us to grow, promote community, and better understand these fish. In doing so, we can provide you and other anglers lures that better emulate specific forage to your area and can promote community and comradery through networking.

Many have asked what does the future hold for Misfit Fishing Co. and I think I can speak for all of us when I say the sky is the limit.

We have added a blog for your education, constantly adding new colors to better match the hatch, and always trying to improve lure designs. Our aim is to do all we can to set ourselves within this community, within this family really, and go along on this ride together.

Misfit Fishing Co. is more than a fishing lure manufacturer, we are a group of guys dedicated to this lifestyle and want all of you to follow with us.  God bless.

-Misfit Team

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