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Success in the Details

We’ve all heard the numerous sayings about paying attention                                         to the details in anything we do and especially fishing. What are the details when it comes to our tackle? Sharp Hook Points Split Ring (Size and Condition) Speed Clip/Snap Condition Structural Integrity of the Lure Sharp Hook Points Regardless of your hook brand of choice if you spend enough time on the water you are going to damage your hook points. This can happen from snagging your lure while fishing, accidentally grabbing the hook point if you’re using pliers to remove a treble hook from a fish, or a wild...

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The Misfit Fishing Manifesto

Misfit / ‘mis, fit/ noun                   A person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart in an uncomfortably conspicuous way. In a society that preaches aberration, yet begs conformity, misfits like us refuse to fit in. Skinny jeans, strange haircuts, men with beards that wear flannel but can’t wield a chainsaw! These people consider themselves the “unconformists” of society, but  you know as well as we do that unconformity is really just masked conformity in today’s world. People like us are the outlaws, rebels, misfits, whatever synonym you want to use. We have not lost touch with our ancient roots, and in a world that still thinks our tools are limited to night crawlers and bobbers with a cane pole...

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The Ultimate Guide to Table Rock Lake Bass Fishing

Many people see bass fishing as a seasonal affair, taking advantage of decent fishing when the weather permits.  However, for the small percentage of die-hard anglers that don’t winterize their boats and put them up for the winter, dropping temps does not mean that fishing cannot be HOT, but it does take a switch up from the norm. Lighter rods, lighter line, smaller baits, and heavier clothing are usually the name of the game when it comes to finesse fishing during the winter. Typical presentations include drop-shot, shakey head, small finesse jig, tube, grub, etc. thrown usually on spinning rods with 6-8lb test line. However, in southern Missouri, we have other options in our arsenal to target big wintertime bass...

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