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Success in the Details

We’ve all heard the numerous sayings about paying attention                                         to the details in anything we do and especially fishing. What are the details when it comes to our tackle? Sharp Hook Points Split Ring (Size and Condition) Speed Clip/Snap Condition Structural Integrity of the Lure Sharp Hook Points Regardless of your hook brand of choice if you spend enough time on the water you are going to damage your hook points. This can happen from snagging your lure while fishing, accidentally grabbing the hook point if you’re using pliers to remove a treble hook from a fish, or a wild...

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Bed Fishing 101

Class is in! In hunting, nothing is more intimate than a man and his bow taking down his prey. There is something primal about this style of hunting more so than firearms or other methods. You feel more connected, it’s always close quarters and one on one, man against beast. In bass fishing, this same connection can be achieved through one of my favorite times to fish. The spawn. Nothing else can compare to bed fishing. It is exhilarating and equally frustrating at times. Often you acquire your target, pitch on the bed and may be immediately disheartened as the fish turns tail and swims off. This is not a method for the impatient or those easily dismayed but can...

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